Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Tribute to Baby Blue

Two and a half years ago I came in to possession of a small backpack thanks to a generous friend and room mate who, at the time, could not imagine how he might make use of such a small storage device.  I had just moved in to my current home in the East Village and was already fairly set on getting myself a bag that I could use to haul stuff while running; a bag that would hug my frame and not rustle around while I was in stride.  In this way, our meeting was somewhat serendipitous.  Back then I was not at a point where I was running as my main (and nearly exclusive) means of transportation, but it opened up a world in which I found myself running relatively long distances to places where I knew I could shower or freshen up.  Since then the bag, which I now lovingly refer to as 'Baby Blue', has helped to transform me in to a runner of this city.  As strange as it might sound, the bag has become a part of me to the point where I rarely like to run without it and I've come to care for it much like I would a person that meant a lot to me.

Now of course I know to put the well-being of a person above an inanimate object, but when a thing spends countless hours and miles so close to you; being there for you on nearly all your adventures as a dependable hollowed out appendage; when it weathers all of the elements with you and accepts your sweat and tears without question, this mere thing becomes and extension of the self.  He's been with me all around the world, allowing me all of the benefits of traveling alone without ever truly feeling alone.  He has the battle scars and the wear to show his age, and our experience.  He has become far more than a bag to me, and anyone who wants to entertain the idea of running to get places should find a Baby Blue of their own.

This post and this soundcloud track (that I will try to embed here) go out to the little guy.  Just tonight you joined me for a nice set of stairs and river run back home while carrying over four pounds of veggie lasagna and my work clothes.  When I put you around my shoulders and fasten that strap across my chest I consider my body weight increased, and I mean that in all seriousness.

With love, thank you so much,

British Theatre - As the Leaves Are to the Limbs

Two of us getting lost in London

Two of us trail running fjords in Norway

Two of us after running over 37 miles

Quira Ba

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